Why do I write Kathēkonta?

I’ve worked with technology my entire career, from my beginnings as a software engineer, then as a product manager, and eventually as a leader of technology and product teams as CTO and CEO. I’ve learned one lesson again and again:

Building technology products is hard.

It’s a rare and amazing thing when a group of people manage to build a product, launch it, and successfully build a business around it.

In this newsletter, I want to explore these questions:

  1. How do we solve problems with technology?

  2. How do we do the minimal amount of work that solves a problem?

  3. How do we make the process of making valuable software repeatable?

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Kevin Albrecht

I'm passionate about creativity, learning, and product development. In addition to my writings, I am the CEO of a financial technology company in Sweden, an entrepreneur, and a former software engineer.